Monday, 19 April 2010


Q1- In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge the forms and conventions of real media products?
I have looked at another thriller film called seven and i think this is similar to my film because they both have weird men doing odd things such as looking at pictures and trying to put a puzzle together.Both films use enigma in seven the audience would ask questions like who is the person ,why do they look distressed , what are they planning, this is similar to the questions you would ask at the start of our film.In our film we use lots of close ups most of the film is built up on close ups seven also has allot of close ups.
Q2 how does your media product reperresent particular social groups?
The groups show in the film is teenagers and males most of these film tent to have males as the murderer this is steriotypical and as you can see in my film we have a male like in similar films such as seven.Teenagers are usualy represented as bein disturbed.
Q3what kind of media institution mite distribute your film?
newline cinema is a good choice of media institutions because they produced seven and they have enough money to support our film and the actersthat are in our film.The way both films zoom in on hands and weapons is the same image.
Q4who would be the media audiance for your media product?
Our target audience is 18-25 this is the same as seven because it has adult scenes of weapons this could cause young people distress .There is a picture of a young man at the top showing the target audience i would say he looks right because he looks like he would be interested in a thriller and weapons where as a young girl might hate this and mite make her really sad.
Question 5 is at the bottom because of the video.
Q6what have you leant about technologies through the process of creating your product?
As you can see as the top they are the screen shots of my film.Our film has a very mysterious and hidden fell about it as does seven they both down show the killers face in our film we show the face a bit but not properly,This keeps the views interested and intrigued to watch the rest.As you can see in the first picture there are links to seven because the murderer is drawing a picture which is similar to seven where the murderer is making out pictures and making a scrap book of dead people.
Q7Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?
I think i have learnt alot by doin this film it has tought me alot about media and made me realise just how long it takes to make a film so it must take allot of time and effort to make a big movie.
Q5how did you atract/adress your audiance?
From the audiance research we found that most people like the delusional man idea , from the video we can see that this was a good idea.

From the audience feedback i think that our film feedback went well they gave incitefull coments.Some people made a few comments about how we could have made it better but on the whole it went well and the audience seemed to warm to it well.