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section 2 research into examples of thriller opening scenes

Narrative structure.-story begins with the wallet getting stolen of the work top.It then shows its plans of a building in a buisy town in miami.It shows pictures of a woman establishing her as a character other characters are not revealed.A big crate of fish is shown being taken from place to place this shows that there is somethibg going on and that there could be something inside the crate of fish.

Thriller codes and conventions.
Use of partial vissian -we only see the hand of the theif this is use of enigma codes this mean the viewers are asking questions such as, Who takes the wallet? Why is the wallet taken? What is in the crate of fish? Why is it hidden? Who is the woman? The music builds up a tence exciting is in a modern technical setting.

Use of close up at the start focusing on objects ,pictures and the wallet.Hiding identities of characters during attention to the wallet suggests it is important. Tracking shots are used to show extreme close ups on pictures of the building concealing identity of crooks pictures in the wallet.
Emphasises importance of the father and the daughter.

The costume is smart buisness dress as it is set in a buisy town.Lighting low key lighting creates shadows.Actors make up is pale an shocked.Props are the wallet also a key.The Settings is a buisy town its set in an airport also shows her fathers house and the hotel that the woman shown in the film works in.

Non digestic sound-it sounds intence seriouse.It is a big drama mirror key mistory plain tracking of sound lincked to titte zooming out of the scene. There is a thumping beat in the background wich gives the feel of danger and its in the pattern of a heart beat.
Diagetic sound-There is sound of water dropping and running footsteps this shows that there could be danger is someone is running.There are sounds of car doors shitting and cars stopping and starting behind the music you can hear the box being loaded.

The time is compressed so a period of time is made shorter , many days is shown in the space of two minutes.This makes the film alot more interesting rather than going on about one small boaring part of the film it shows the audiance what has benn going on in a short amout of time.It also takes us to seven diffrant places this makes the film seem alot more realistic.

It had plain white font on the style of sans serif this gives it a modern look to show the film is set in the presant.It zooms away from the writting making it smaller making them fade out this has a link to the airoplane setting off.The title is in red capitals to stand out and the coulour link to the tittle as its called red eye it starts with the names and the roles and finisheds with the director.

Narrative structure
A man suddenly runs across the roas in a painicky way he get knocked over by a car,he then gets up runs through a shop and out of the back where he hides.When he thinks its safe he comes out but he is then shot bt a gun man .The gunman then shoots a cyclist it uses continuity editing and near narrative.

Thriller codes and conventions
It uses enigma codes the create questions in the aundiances minds such as who is the man? why is he running and who from? who is the gunman? why does the gunman shoot him? There is alot of darkness as its set at night this creates partial vission and a mystery.Its set in a city setting but this becomes transformed into a thriller.The weather is thunder and rain wich connotates bad and trouble.

The opening establishing shot is a wide shot of washington D.C.The camera is hand held showing the man croos the road this creates a feeling of panning movement,makes it feel more realistic so the audiance feel like there in the scene.It uses a fast moving camera and uses panning and tracking to follow the man and have close ups on his face.The camera pans quickly after the gunshot .POV shots are used as the cyclist goes by.The final shot zooms in at the mans face as he is dying.

MES desighn is to produce a feeling of mystery its very dark an there is low key lighting its raining heavely and the city setting is on a main street.The gun man is dressed in all black and he carried a gun and a metal brief ,you can see his breath in the cold air this gives him a devilish look about him.He looks like a profesional killer .

Diagetic sound-soud of a helicopter ,people traffic and a police siren this connotated trouble and crime.You can hear smashing of cars and glass bracking ,people screaming and running.Sounds of a man running and breathing fast shows urgency.Sound of thunder ,rain and gunshot sounds of doom and gloom.
Non digetic - very subtle background there is a buzzing noise that is ominouse.After the gun shot the noise becomes distorted and the music gets louder as the cyclist is killed.

It uses long takes that try to make it feel like real life.The continuity editing follows the man as he runs.The long takes stop it from switching to diffrant places all the time.

Blue capital letters on a black background makes it stand out ans catch the viewers eye so they remember the film.

Narrative structure
Two men go to a train staion and both get on the same train,they sit opposite each other.They accidently bump into each other and get chatting to each other .One of the men is trying to convince the other man to make a plan with him to kill his ex wife but he is not interested.

Thriller codes and conventions
It uses partial vision vission we only see the characters feel until the end.It also uses enigma wich makes the audiance question the film such as who are these men? where are they going? how are the men connected? makes the audiance want to watch on and find out the answers.An ordinary city is used and its transformed into a thriller.

There are mid shots from waist down showing characters feet.It starts with an establishing shot of washington .The camera tracks left to right then right to left following two sets of feet .Long shot shows people going forward ,the train is shows from behind concealing there faces.There is a pov shot from the front of the train its tracking forward as the train moves on.The two final shots are as the men sit opposite each other.

The shoes are used to suggest wich character is wich guys shoes are plain and brunos shoes are two tone bruno is wearing a jazzy strange tpin stripe suit.Railways produce a criss cross shape linking to a criss cross motif.

diegetic -there are sounds of car doors and foot steps.Train noises as it leaves the station.
Non diegetic -orchestral music is played the same for each character but in all differant key its like a mirror image.

It uses cross cutting used to connect two sets of feet,this makes it seem like they are destined to meet.The graphic match is used to dissolve into railway lines from station floor.

Credits appear over the opening established shot then there are no graphics during the sequence.

Narrative structure
A montage of images suggests some kind of story about crime and investigations.It shows someone putting together a dark scrap book with words and images in it.Looks spooky and suspicouse.

Thriller codes and conventions
Enigma codes create questions in the audiances heads such as who is the person? what is he doing and why? It uses partial vision we dont see the face on the the man just flashing images.It uses black white and red coulours wich is dark conotations.Makes the audiance focuse on the villan and crime.

Extreme close ups used to place use very close the horrible gory things such as blood and dirty finger nails.The camera pans occasionaly across surfaces like writting and odd things.

Fingers with bandages on because he cut his fingers off .It shows lots of things being cut up such as dollor bills ,photographs and it shows scissors needles and razor blades.Pens and paper are shown things are getting highlighted in a violent way.

Non diagetic music-there is a heavy thumping beat with lots of slow layers of sound.There are sounds of scratches screams and creeks ,there is a twisted mantality of characters.Builds up to a climax where words like to image"you got me closer to god".this has a religeouse theme.

There are pictures piled on top of each other the images and graphics are made to jump around.It uses jump cuts you can uses these aslong as your doing it for a reson .

It uses bright white against black and it also uses destorted wrighting.It looks like its been put up on a projecter.

According to the research opening scenes of thrillers tend to use the following conventions
-Important narrative elements are suggested without being made too obviouse
-There is a scence of a narrative begining in witch ordinary life is distrupted by some threatining force.
-There may be a contrast between good and bad characters
-The narrative structure may be linear or non linear
-Enigma codes are used to raise important questions in the minds of the audiance
-Partial vision is often used to with-hold important information.
-Settings are usually urban and set in the city that will be transformed into a place of excitement and danger.
-Close ups may be used to produce partial vission/enigma codes.
-Lighting may be low key producing shadows with connotations of mystery
-Objects and costumes etc may be used to suggest ideas about characters and narrative
-Montage editing may be used to combine images from differant times and places lincked to the narrative.
-Continuity editing may be used ,starting the narrative off with a thrilling taster scene.
-Digetic sound often combines with non-digetic music.
-Dark seriouse music is usually used to signify to the audiance what type of film it is.
-Graphics may be desighned to reflect the dark theme of the film.

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