Monday, 2 November 2009

section 5 treatment

Assigned to the case of a recent string of “artistic” murders, Detective Edgar of the Chapelford Police Department follows the tracks of a killer haunted by violent dreams which they re-enact – with brutal consequences.


Beginning – A man is seen drawing something – we are unsure of what, but we see him seal a plastic bag containing the piece of artwork he draws. A body is discovered in a nearby lake – water-logged and mutilated. Found by a neighbour of the currently unidentified victim, the Chapelford Police Department are assigned the case and Detective Edgar is given the task of leading the investigation. Upon performing the autopsy, the pathologist discovers a sealed plastic bag containing artwork bearing a striking similarity to the actual murder (however, the victim is portrayed as a monster appearing with markings not dissimilar to the injuries that caused the victim’s demise.) Studying the art, Detective Edgar finds that the style of drawing is similar to a local artist – making him the primary suspect.

Middle – Upon interrogating the artist, Detective Edgar discovers that his alibi for the period when the victim is believed to have died is solid – for he was in the company of his partner. With no possible leads, there is little he can do to solve the murder, for the flesh of the victim is so badly decomposed that any prints have long since vanished, and no distinct shapes from the cuts can discern the type of blade used.
A second and third murder are found simultaneously, and Detective Edgar is given the artwork found nailed to the tree nearby. The picture portrays a monster of gross proportions, with limbs jutting out from a disfigured body. The report explains that the bodies had been dismembered and the sewn together in the same proportions of the monster, then nailed to a nearby tree (where the art was also found). This time, prints are found littered over the limbs of the victims, though the heads are strangely missing. DNA tests reveal them to be the bodies of two local priests.

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