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section 6 character outlines and scripts

Character outlines

Detective Edgar

Looks disorganised, got stubble and messy hair, looks as if he hasn’t got time to get ready but he is actually organised and very clever. He is also the officer who arrested the killer’s parents for child abuse.

The Killer

A haunted, artistic individual who relates abusive figures of his past with the monsters who plague his dreams. Since childhood, he has been subjected to physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, and verbal abuse – each aspect taking the form of one of the five monsters he dreams about. He is cold, calculating, and reclusive.

The monsters

1. Punishment – The monster that represents his physical abuse. Punishment is covered in fresh cuts, and lacerations all over his body. His abuser is the foster father of his early years.
2. Heartbreak – This monster represents his emotional abuse. Heartbreak has a hole in the chest, the heart visibly torn in two. His abuser is the nun who beats him and emotionally degraded him at the orphanage.
3. Lilith – the embodiment of his sexual abuser. A tangled mess of male and female limbs, reflecting the two psychiatrists who raped him during their sessions
4. Psyche – the result of the hatred he feels for his biological mother, who abandoned him. Her hands form the shape of a small cradle, symbolic of the box she left him in.
5.Screamer – The last of the monsters. Symbolising Detective Edgar, it is a man shrouded in cloth (for he could not see him) with his hands bound in manacles. He constantly wails, mimicking the police sirens he heard

The Delusion – Opening scene


We see a desk, that is relatively cluttered. Books, articles, and the occasional drinks glass cover its surface. Nothing can be heard, save for the scratching of a pencil on paper. The hand skitters across the page, sometimes disappearing from sight as it draws.

We then see the KILLER, as he reaches into a box of sketching materials, pulling out a second pencil. There are flashes of different varieties of grotesque monsters, flickering in and out of view and accompanied by a high-pitched humming sound, as he continues to draw. The flickering images sometimes match the picture he is creating.

Pausing, fiddling absently, the KILLER grabs a small knife and begins to sharpen his pencil, before adding the finishing touches to the drawing. Reaching for a plastic wallet, he pauses and covers his eyes, the images blending. Screaming can be heard, the images grow sharper, more and more sounds accompany the screaming until the KILLER opens the door. All falls silent as he leaves – the plastic wallet, drawing, and knife in hand.

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